Remote Internet Access

Portable Internet Relay Units Providing Connectivity for Teams, Events, & Broadcasts.

Inspired by the ‘Lunar Communications Relay Units’ from the Apollo program – we provide temporary onsite internet access utilizing mobile networks & technologies that allow clients to connect people, places, and devices from anywhere.


Portable Internet Access Provider for
Teams, Events, & Broadcasts.

An experienced crew of internet connectivity professionals working across the United States and Canada – utilizing mobile internet relay networks and technologies to provide temporary onsite internet access at speeds of 10-100 Mbps to remote locations in a single, easy-to-deploy portable platform.


The Apollo program required a portable communications platform for the Lunar Rover.

Called the Lunar Communications Relay Unit (LCRU), it could communicate directly with the Earth wherever the Rover’s Astronauts were on the Moon.

A suitcase-sized box with an umbrella-like antenna, it made the Rover a completely independent, mobile data communications and television platform.

The LCRU is the inspiration behind the BuzzBuzz ‘Internet Relay Unit’ – providing portable internet access for teams, events, and broadcasts from a powerful mobile platform.

If you require temporary onsite internet access at a remote location – whether as the primary means of connectivity or as a failsafe backup solution – BuzzBuzz is the right provider for you.


Temporary Internet Access From Remote Locations – That Reduces Costs & Improves Reliability.

Internet connectivity is critical for today’s teams and organizations – but when working from a remote location it can often be very expensive or significantly unreliable.

When you deploy an ‘Internet Relay Unit’ from BuzzBuzz, you get temporary internet access that is powerful, affordable, and reliable – and operates completely independent of your remote location’s resources.

Our IRU’s and crew have been deployed from Minneapolis to New York City to Las Vegas. If your remote team, event, or broadcast requires a powerful, affordable, and dependable internet connection – deploy a BuzzBuzz IRU Today.


Communications Relay Systems

The Apollo program used the Lunar Communications Relay Unit (LCRU) to communicate directly with the Earth wherever the Moon Rover’s Astronauts were on the Moon – and was the inspiration for BuzzBuzz!



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